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In 2006 I came across a group of talented woman with expert hands who were able
to create and produce my designs and bring them to life. I

t was a dream come true.
My initial approach with customers was based on the philosophy that “ we create
with expert hands and we design for you and your liking.”

At first, we started with a small collection focused solely on accessories, hats, mittens and scarves.

The collection was received with so much positivity and excitement, that soon after I
created a complete knitwear line.

My designs are created for the contemporary women who understands and appreciates beauty. I focus on being a “ green and Echo-Chic brand which is truly the soul of my company.

I choose materials very carefully so that my designs are environmentally friendly and in no way hazardous to our beautiful planet.
The real strength of my brand comes from the talented group of women who
handcraft my designs brilliantly.

These women are so enthusiastic and supportive of our creations and they add so much to my brand. I value the knowledge of these women and admire their skills, especially the traditional style of their crochet work.
Each collection is unique and special and above all made with love for the
contemporary, modern women!
You can find our collections in high end boutiques in Italy, Japan and USA.

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